tease and denial

Hey guys! Tonight I will be taking calls 🙂 YAYAY. I don’t usually login.. and if you’re going to call, I suggest just calling. It really is a pain in the ass if you IM for 20 minutes before calling. Just. Call. I think I’m in the mood for a few cuckold calls.. or a really long brainwashing session. Something that really melts your brain entirely. Something that really breaks you down completely.

Make sure you call.. make sure you tell me exactly what you are… Make sure you tell me exactly how weak you are.

I’ll be heading to Austin to go shopping on Sunday.. but between now and then.. I will be taking calls and controlling my pets. PERFECT!


Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckold Phone Sex



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It’s true… cuckold brainwashing is such a decadent little fetish. There’s something about knowing that I’ve got my filthy little cuckold fantasizing about how filthy I’m going to turn him into….
Each little limit pushed further and further…. You not knowing where you’re going next. 😉
Truly… I am the mistress who does the cuckold fetish like no other 😉

cuckold hypnosis


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It’s been about a week since my last sexy MP3….. and I’m sure all my loserfucks are waiting with baited breath to hear Goddess…

Well I’ve got a treat for you..

This week.. We have JERK OFF JUNKIE #3.. Yes yes.. You’ve been waiting.. you’ve been wanting.. You’ve been weak.. And here it is….

One of the best  series of mind control mp3s.


Crawl for me.

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Today was an interesting day. I have quite a few friends who were evacuated at University of Texas… so while I wanted to be focusing on homework, my pets, and making MP3s… I was distracted with texts from friends telling me what was going on in Austin, TX. It’s tough being a hypnodomme who also has a life 😉

That’s another topic I wanted to touch upon. There are many different online dominas out there. Older/Younger. Skinny/Fat. Fake/Real. Cam/Text. Everything. There’s a bevy of options… with me? You get a genuine coed who delights in the mind control. With me? You get a genuine coed who delights in the erotic hypnosis. I have a life. This week, I had a sissy who seemed upset that I couldn’t blow off my grad school classes or YOGA to play for two days. I  blew off class on Wednesday to exploit him in a hotel room, but Thursday, I had to focus upon school and my body. He didn’t seem too happy about that.


Tonight? Tonight I’ve made a 5 minute Hypnotic TEASE MP3…. and am supplementing it with two stockings photos.  It’s $10.. but it will also further that addiction you have.. It will also make you want me more. It will also show you how you adore having a humiliation princess such as myself.


Hypnotic Tease


If you happen to like this MP3.. I suggest going to my MP3 list and downloading BOUND. It’s one of my hottest Erotic Hypnosis MP3s.

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Tease And Denial

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Mind control and erotic hypnosis can lend well to many fetishes… But one of the most seductive fetishes, to me, is the art of tease and denial. You paint a picture. You get a submissive so worked up that their body is pulsing in every inch. Then you start to hint at the idea of blue balling them. Then you start to hint at the idea of not letting them release. Then you start to hint hint hint at so many  dirty little ideas and secrets. There’s nothing better. NOTHING.

The longest tease and denial call I’ve ever did was 4.5 hours. I literally had the client in tears. Legit. No LIE. That’s a fucking rush. TO be that powerful and adore being that powerful.  He kept saying, “Goddess, I really need to go… but your cruelty has me chained..” Chained? I like the sound of that.

And on a personal note… I’m going thru a remodel right now. So life is HECTIC. That’s why I’m cranking out the smaller MP3s. So enjoy the little mp3 about tease and denial… Hit me up on Yahoo: TheSororityGirl .. Or give me a call:
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