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It’s true… cuckold brainwashing is such a decadent little fetish. There’s something about knowing that I’ve got my filthy little cuckold fantasizing about how filthy I’m going to turn him into….
Each little limit pushed further and further…. You not knowing where you’re going next. 😉
Truly… I am the mistress who does the cuckold fetish like no other 😉

cuckold hypnosis


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Todays SPECIAL : Buy ONE  Custom ADDICTION Inducing Mind Control MP3 for $50.. and get ANY Stock MP3 for free.

Custom MP3s are anywhere from 5-10 minutes long.. can follow your script or outline… and be delivered to you within 24 hours.

custom mp3

If you have any questions … You can always email or hit me up on yahoo at TheSororityGirl …. All purchases are made thru niteflirt, but I will take Amazon Gift Cards as well….

Wanting to hear your perfectly scripted cuckold training fantasy come to life with my voice?  Then order now! 🙂 🙂

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custom mp3

I’m making custom mp3s this weekend.. $50 gets you a 5-10 minute mp3.. your fetish.. your script (or I can write it)…. and completely customized for YOU and only YOU….. you want to hear my evil voice commanding you? Ordering you? Then purchase here.

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Pure perfection!

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Cuckold Fantasy

It seems my cuckold mp3s are the most popular when it comes to my brainwashing and mind control. ABOVE you will be able to click and get the newest one!  This one is 11 seductive minutes of GODDESS reminding you why you love to be trained to be a cuckold with me….

In personal news? I’ve decided to forego getting my education certificate.. and start over with school… Thinking of going for my MA in Counseling… Considering I already do similar.. why not?  Actually get certified and stop talking out of my ass? 😉

Why not just take it out of your ass? hmm?

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sissy fetish

I’ve cranked out a new sissy training MP3. This MP3 Discusses you dressing up like a sissy slut at a costume party… and having any and all elements of you exploited! It’s a great MP3 if you’re new to me.. and how I do things… Get to know me. Fall in love with me.


And if Sissy Fantasies aren’t your thing….  We all KNOW how much you pets love my Hypnotic Cuckold Mind Control:

Cuckold Training – *VOTED BEST RECORDING* Train to be a good little cuckold.

Cuckold Training


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cuckold training hypnosis

It seems most of my traffic lately is coming from my pets who want a bit of cuckold training. Seems they want the mind control and brainwashing to turn them into obedient little cuckolds… so what did I do? I cranked out another perfect cuckold fantasy mp3.

My first BIG cuckold MP3 is below… this is an almost 20 minute hypnosis mp3 with cuckold training:

cuckold hypnosis


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So is it REALLY just a fantasy when the cuckold daydreams become real? How many of you cuckold fantasy lovers out there truly envision it happening? Johnny  did the fan sign in my earlier cuckold post….. He came to me telling me about his wife, sister-in-law, and coworker Pam. Everything was laid out to me in a manner where I thought it was ALL JUST FANTASY… Then I started texting the wifey. Then I started texting the sister-in-law…. and then… I brought them together.

Guess what little cuckold JOHNNY is doing tonight? TONIGHT… Johnny is fantasizing about swallowing cum. He’s a cum eating cuckold who is as filthy as they come.. He started out as justa hypnosis cuckold fantasy…. and has turned into a real cum eater.

Want to hear the recording I made him? Click here. .


cuckold mp3

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