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Mind Control Fantasy MP3s

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I adore hypnosis, cuckolding, sissies, and coercion. I do what I do and I do it well. I’m an elitist about all this. I spend hours and hours training and playing with my pets each week. I am the MASTER of BRAT Mind Fuckery. You love listening to me, begging me, and allowing your body to crawl. I will remind you what a filthy perv you are. I’m not confident, I am aware of my amazingness.

I have a Bachelors in History and Political Science and I’m attending law school in 2018. I am not your typical DOMINA. Want to play a game? CLICK HERE. or HERE.

erotic hypnosis

I am the ONE and ONLY BRAT.

Buy my Yahoo Messenger? – Want to discuss your mp3s? Want to discuss where this relationship goes? BUY YAHOO.

pantyhose fetish

Above is my Pantyhose VIDEO.

ass worship

Want pictures? Sexy STOCKINGS:

More Photos in NYLONS?

Hypnotic MP3s:


Goddess in Thigh High BOOTS Dommeing YOU

Deep Induction Hypnosis :

Seductive Deep Trance Hypnosis

Pussy Power Deep Trance Hypnosis

Deep Trance Cum Countdown

Bound 1 : Stocking Hypnosis

Bound 2 : Stocking Hypnosis

Dangling You

Pink Princess Powder

Empty and Blank 1

Empty and Blank 2

Tease MP3s:

Jerk Off Junkie 2

Jerk Off Junkie 3

Love Spell 2

Love Spell 3


Naught Succubus Next Door

Seductive, Manipulative Thief

Super Sexy Spy with Mind Control

Jerk Off Junkie 4

Satin Seduction Succubus

Perfectly Addicted

Attitude Inoculation

Fantasy Mp3s:

Seductive Super SPY Teasing Info FROM You

Seductive THIEF

Tranny Trick 1

Tranny Trick 2

Soul Sucking Sorority Brat Succubus

Cuckold MP3s:

Hypnotic Cuckold Training

Panty Wearing Cuckold Bitch


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Introduction to BRAINWASHING and Mind Control MP3

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What needs to happen is that you need to get weaker. You need to become a slave to that booty and succumb to the hypnosis and fantasies that you crave. There is no better feeling than a Goddess such as myself BREAKING YOU DOWN….

Coming Home WITH ME : Erotic Hypnosis MP3

On yahoo? Goddess is also on yahoo at TheSororityGirl .

The best thing we can do is get your brain restructured so that you begin to obey… so that you become compliant.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Cuckold Phone Sex

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Sissy Training and Feminization Mp3s

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Vanessa is my most obedient sissy. Vanessa knows what she needs to do to make Goddess happy. Check out her photos. Check out her devotion to complete sissy transformation.  Check out that blonde hair! Do you know what Vanessa is actually craving? She wants such sissy exploitation from an alpha male that she forgets any testosterone exists inside her.

Look at that floppy clitty! Does that look like a sissy prepared for final transformation? Does that look like a sissy prepared to be taken from behind and fucked so the clitty can bounce! YES YES YES. That is a sissy that needs to be exposed.


Wanting more sissification? Check out my MP3s. Below is an example.  The MOST perfect sissy training mp3s.


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The Reality of Sissy Training

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I’ve been playing with Sissy Kimberly for close to a year. Sissy Kimberly is one of my most devoted, loyal, and slutty sissy clients. She texts every time she has a filthy thought. That’s what we do, we exploit her pretty, slutty, filthy thoughts.

For Kimberly, it all started with listening to my Sissy Hypnosis MP3s.


Want a sample of what Mp3s Kimberly USED?

Melt With Me : Sissy Bimbo Creation :


Brainwashed Sissy BIMBO

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Sissy and Cuckold Fantasy MP3s

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I’ve been doing mp3s for close to 4 years now. I have a collection of mp3s that’s probably 500 solid. I love what I do. I love taking you down some beautiful path where you obey, beg, and fall prey to the brainwashing.

Sissy Humiliation MP3s

I have a few sissies who do not understand how deep their addiction will take them… or how much trouble it will get them into.

Some pets don’t understand that SISSY BLACKMAIL is REAL….  If you’re wanting to get into a situation where you and I go down the rabbit hole for Sissy Blackmail… message me on yahoo at TheSororityGirl or message me on Niteflirt. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m one of the best on niteflirt for Sissy Fantasy MP3s.



Want a few other mp3s?

Click here for my Obedient Sissy MP3.

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Blackmail Fantasy MP3s

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I know your every move. Your every thought. You become prey, essentially. It’s sexy, it’s perfect. You’ve been attracted to me for a while, but that extra level of CRAZY that Goddess takes things to makes it all the sexier. You’ve been wanting to go down this rabbit hole for a bit. That brainwashing fantasy of yours is real. Legit. Needed. It’s why you come to me to begin with. There is no better feeling.  Empty. Blank. Blank. Empty.



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Brainwashing Webcam Fantasy

•November 17, 2015 • Leave a Comment

While some pets enjoy brainwashing with mp3s and phone sex… some want the rush of a webcam girl to entice them. You need to be turned into that submissive slut that you are with Goddess. Below you will see some LIVE Hypnosis WEBCAM Hosts.

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Babysitter Hypnosis Fantasy

•September 29, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Have you ever thought about the brat babysitter hypnotizing you and taking you down a decadent path of homewrecking and sensual ruination? That’s what this Hypnosis Mp3 is all about. It takes BRAINWASHING, HOMEWRECKING, and Mind Control to the absolute next level. Never before have you played a game like this.

Babysitter Mind Control Fantasy

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Custom Erotic Hypnosis MP3s

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Most of my pets enjoy custom mp3s. There’s something about having me whisper my name into your ear and everything feeling so good. You become beautifully aware of how deep the addiction goes.  I’m not just bragging when I say I create the best Niteflirt Hypnosis Custom MP3s.

It doesn’t matter what your fetish is, Goddess can take your fetish and use hypnosis to make it come alive.

I take my software, time, patience, and amazing domme skills to make every part of your fantasy come to life.  Never ever doubt my power.

custom mp3

Want a sample? Go to and sign up. Email me. I’ll provide

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Mind Control Hypnosis : Femdom Hypnosis

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I do not update the website near as much as I should… I just don’t put the effort in because I’m busy with school or making the MP3s themselves. I’ve had QUITE a few regular pets playing, paying and getting addicted daily…
Below are some of my most popular mp3s…… and you can always message me on Yahoo at TheSororityGirl …. or on nitefirt itself




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